Our Services

iFinHealth is an AI Financial Analysis System trained by credit professionals. It captures financial numbers from financial reports automatically and provides in-depth analysis and insights on potential financial weaknesses in minutes.

iFinPulse is an AI Market Data Monitoring System. Your instant business response to market changes across different countries and segments is now feasible thanks to the AI capability of iFinPulse. It provides you with 7x24 credit alert only when it is necessary to get your attention.

iFinGate is positioned as a homegrown Regtech pioneer, innovating the automated system to streamline the compliance process, converts the compliance policies and regulations to executional process, real time checks on compliance breaches and performs AI-enhanced 24-7 news monitoring.

With FundingReach, iFactoring is no longer only the provision of credit protection. Talk to our professionals and we will show you how we can minimise your credit risk by leveraging Machine Learning and Big Data technologies.


We Innovate

The way to manage our credit risk is totally different from what we did 10 or 20 years ago. We make use of big data and train our machines to provide you with a cutting edge business visibility in risk assessment and monitoring that you have never experienced.


FundingReach employs innovative Cognitive and Big Data technologies to provide you with streamlined credit assessment and  monitoring experiences. We help you discover opportunities and identity potential financial risks which are unrevealed in traditional channels. Security and protection for privacy are parts of our DNA. We are here to provide a safe and brand new experience for you.


We Connect

We connect you to the veterans from Banking and Technology. We bring you Business Visibility to better understand numerous Market Data. Together, we grow our businesses in a Smarter way.

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