London FinTech Mission Tour

We are one of the privileged few invited (and sponsored) by Cyberport to join the FinTech Mission to the UK led by the HKSAR Government’s Financial Secretary, Mr. Paul Chan, on Oct 28-30, 2019. Although the schedule of this 3-day FinTech Tour to London is very intensive (on top of the jet lag!), it offers an eye-opening overview of UK’s latest fintech’s trends and ecosystem development and aspiration through highly informative presentations, networking and interacting with industry leaders (Accenture, Dun & Bradstreet, etc.), consultants (KPMG), and government officials of both world’s leading financial centres including Invest Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London, and the UK Department for International Trade.  This is a very effective and fruitful pollination to strengthen innovation ties and facilitate the two-way investment flows between the two cities.


ADB Senior Delegation to Cyberport

FundingReach is greatly honoured to be introduced to a 6-executive delegation of the East Asia Department of Asian Development Bank (“ADB”) on Sep 11, 2019 jointly arranged by HKSAR Financial Services Branch and Cyberport’s Entrepreneurship Team.  Besides briefing ADB of our Group’s profile, business model, and product development milestones and road-map, a discussion of one of our visions of enhancing quality lending to SMEs through process automation was especially of interest to ADB which has been a long-established, prominent, and influential social development organization dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific.  A major conduit for ADB to achieving poverty eradication in the region is through loans and grants to the micro, small, and medium enterprises especially in the Asian developing countries.  Our integrated product proposition of AI and machine learning well trained by solid financial and technology experts had laid down a very promising lead of future cooperation between ADB and FundingReach.



HKU EEE – FundingReach FinTech Summer Program

Innovation and education go hand-­­in-hand.  Being a caring corporate citizen, FundingReach has just kick-started a 5-day Summer Program with HKU’s Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department for HK’s S4 and above secondary school students on July 4-10 at both HKU Campus and FundingReach’s base at Cyberport.


Mr. Peter Yan, CEO, Cyberport


Dr. CH Ng, Chairman, Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association


Ms. Ivy Au Yeung, CEO, ANZ Hong Kong

Objective of this Summer Program is to inspire the innovation and entrepreneurship of our future leaders with the latest FinTech development through introducing the technical skills such as Machine Learning, Python Programming, and other computing technologies applying to automation in financial analysis.  In order for these young people to better understand the challenges in this automation process and the beauty in its end-product, a full-day session was dedicated to fundamentals of credit assessment and financial analysis conducted by FundingReach’s corporate banking experts.

Such a ‘trendy’ and exciting program has attracted overwhelming response with all 40 seats instantly grabbed once it’s posted for online enrollment.  Participating schools include Christian Alliance International School, Diocesan Boys' School, Heep Yunn School, Island School, Marymount Secondary School, Queen's College, St. Clare's Girls' School, St. Francis Xavier's College, St. Joseph's College, St. Paul's Convent School, St. Paul's Co-educational College, Victoria Shanghai Academy.


Mr. Poon Siu Chi, Principal, St. Paul’s Co-educational College


Mr. William Lam, CEO, FundingReach

“It’s our great honour to be a close partner to HKU-EEE, not just in our Research & Development efforts but also in this highly fulfilling initiative for our future leaders in HK,” said William Lam, founder and CEO of FundingReach.


Mr. Chiu Sin Hang, Assistant Principal, Queen’s College

“We are very excited and pleased with such overwhelming responses from students of many prestigious schools.  The feedback we received from the participants is so encouraging that we just can’t wait to have our next Summer Program with FundingReach in 2020,” commented by Professor Edmund Lam, Associate Dean of Engineering, EEE, HKU.


Professor Edmund Lam, Associate Dean of Engineering, EEE, HKU


A refreshing morning – Welcome HKU students to Cyberport

18 Mar 2019

We are glad to have the Master and Undergraduate students from the Faculty of Engineering, The University of Hong Kong to visit us, under the leadership of Ir Dr. Wilton Fok and Dr. Yuen. It is excited to know that the students have strong aspirations in contributing to the success of Hong Kong as a major Fintech hub.

After the briefing from Cyberport, FundingReach’s CEO William Lam brought up the exponential potentials of Fintech and illustrated with cases around the globe. Mr. WK Yip, CTO of FundingReach highlighted how AI and other technologies can help in developing our proprietary innovations, iFinHealth and iFinPulse. 

Fion Lai, Head of Client Excellence and Lolita Yew, Director Credit Analytics of FundingReach Group shared their experiences on how to master ‘Client Excellence’ in Fintech world and inspired the students in preparing the way for their future success.

We are pleased to have the chance to arouse the awareness of innovation, creativity and flourish opportunities in the Fintech world.

To experience our AI Credit System “iFinHealth”: www.ifinhealth.com


Welcome QC students to Cyberport

February 26, 2019

How are Fintech & Technologies going to impact our future? FundingReach and our honourable speakers were delighted to bring the insights to our future leaders, the youngsters from Queen’s College.

During the visit, Mr. William Lam, CEO and Mr. WK Yip, CTO of FundingReach Group shared about how technologies revolutionize the traditional banking and finance industry, and why technologies are essential to our proprietary innovations, iFinHealth and iFinPulse systems.     

We were honoured to have Mr. Howard Cheng, the COO of Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited and Mr. Jacky Yeung, the member of Advisory Committee Panel of Cyberport, Chairman of the Innovation and Technology Venture Fund (ITVF) Advisory Committee as our speakers, to enlighten the next generation, paving the way for their ‘Tech’ future.

We are looking forward to the upcoming visit of HKU students. Stay tuned.  

To experience our AI Credit System “iFinHealth”: www.ifinhealth.com


Cyberport Incubatee​

iFinGate(a subsidiary of FundingReach Holdings Limited) has successfully been accepted in the June 2019 Intake of the Cyberport Incubation Programme. The acceptance to this prestigious incubation programme is a recognition of the market viability, management team and product innovativeness of iFinGate. Thanks for the support and recognition of Cyberport!


2019 Economic & Technology Outlook, and AI Risk Management Seminar

January 21, 2019

FundingReach collaborated with The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (‘HKEIA’), co-organised a “2019 Economic & Technology Outlook, and AI Risk Management” seminar for the members of HKEIA and financial institutions.

Mr. William Lam, CEO and Lolita Yew, Director Credit Analytics of FundingReach Group, shared about how AI technologies and Fintech assist businesses to make smarter sales decisions and better manage their financial risks. We announced the launch of our proprietary AI automated credit analysis system,  ‘iFinHealth’, shared how’s this latest Fintech innovation inhouse could help along the credit evaluation process in this digital era.

We are honoured to have Ms. Betty Wang,  Senior Economist of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) as our guest speaker, shared insights on the economic environment and prospects of this year. Mr. Basil Wai, CEO of HKEIA, also brought insights to the audiences about technology trends in CES 2019 and 2019 NEPCON.

We are glad to receive a positive feedback from the audiences and looking forwards to future collaborations with HKEIA.

To experience our AI Credit System “iFinHealth”: www.ifinhealth.com