KYC Solutions – with Chinese name search and client portfolio alerts webinar

Events: KYC Solutions – with Chinese name search and client portfolio alerts webinar

Date: 16th September 2020

Eco to the Regtech series in Aug2020, our CEO William Lam is honoured to be invited by Cyberport once again, delivered a webinar KYC Solutions – with Chinese name search and client portfolio alerts” to the compliance professionals in town. We have showcased on how the technologies could help on name screening and effective monitoring. Thank you for the compliance professionals from multinational banks, asset management companies, lawyers and security firms who have participated the webinar and exchanged the valuable experience and ideas along!


CityU Video shooting

CityU Video shooting

Date: 20th August 2020

Our CEO, William Lam, had been interviewed by CityU to share the experience on how the FundingReach Group leveraged “CARLS” to connect to the right candidates in COVID-19.

“FundingReach as a FinTech company, treasures diversity and always embrace talents from all walks of life. For our business, Innovation is equally important to experience, and we believe lots of the innovative ideas can be coming from those energetic fresh graduates”.


Navigating the Global Sanctions Landscape Webinar

Events: Navigating the Global Sanctions Landscape Webinar

Date: 26th August 2020

2020 is an exceptional year! Awareness of ‘Sanactions’ from varies industries is stronger than ever. Are you ready for the anticipated changes on the Sanctions’ landscape? Our CEO, William Lam, is honoured to be the speaker in Cyberport RegTech Series-“Navigating the Global Sanctions Landscape”, on 26 Aug 2020, shared with the audiences on how RegTech plays the role. Over 400+ industry partners, regulators, and licensees from various professional industries registered and joined the webinar. 

To experience our RegTech solution.

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PIBA Panel Appointment- iFinGate CEO

Our CEO, William Lam, had been appointed as panel of PIBA. iFinGate Ltd is a trusted vendor. We provide the local support. William is instrumental to the development of AI supported credit systems which help Corporates and Financial Institutions to increase their business visibility and make better business decisions. Thanks for the support of PIBA.

If you would like any further information or require assistance, please contact cs@ifingate.com for more information.


Corporates Partners- iFinGate Collaboration with PIBA

iFinGate is delighted to support the compliance fulfilment to the professionals in the region. Thanks for the support of Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA), we have extended the Early Bird Promo to the members of PIBA. Starts to manage your AML screening process promptly and professionally.

If you are interested, please contact cs@ifingate.com for more information.


Corporates Partners- iFinGate Collaboration with SCAA

iFinGate is an automated compliance solution for business professionals. Starts to manage your AML screening process promptly and professionally. Thanks for the support of SCAA, from now to 30 September 2020, SCCA’s member can join the Early Bird Promo with a discount price.

If you are interested, please contact cs@ifingate.com for more information.



Interview and magazine report on Recruit

FundingReach CEO William Lam had a special interview with the leading job recruitment media, and shared his insights with graduates on how to stand out from the hiring market. The interview was published on a special issue of Recruit, a well-known recruitment magazine in town.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 11.53.54 AM

IT Industry Bucking the Trend, FundingReach Welcomes Business Talents  

Job recruitment in the IT industry continues to surge in the falling market. Though traditionally defined by technical expertise, recent years have seen the IT industry opening up for business talents. Graduates without IT-relevant educational background can still flex their muscles in the IT industry. 

FundingReach is among the leading FinTech enterprises from Cyberport. CEO William Lam pointed out: “Out of the pressure to cut cost in the grim market, companies are gradually turning to automated solutions, which provided us great opportunities. We are in increasingly need to diversify our team.” 

“…………… We are in great need of talents to help build up the four panels of our core business: 1. technical talents to lead in the R&D of machine learning and big data 2. Credit talents with a strong skill for data analysis. 3. Sales and Marketing talents to connect with customers 4. Business planners to magnify Greater China Area market penetration and further to the globe……”

William Lam further emphasized that for talents with self-motivation and savvy, IT major is not a necessity to be part of our R&D team. “Compared with large enterprises, startups like FundingReach enjoy the more interactive and inclusive atmosphere. We are more interested in a candidate’s enthusiasm and diligence rather than purely plays on credentials!”


Cyberport Career Fair 2020

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 11.54.45 AM

The Cyberport Virtual Career Fair 2020, held from 3rd April to 5th April by Cyberport, has been a fruitful event for promoting tech entrepreneurship. As an active enterprise in the Cyberport FinTech family, FundingReach was a prominent presence in this two-day live recruitment platform. We received overwhelming responses from industry veterans as well as young and talented applicants. In a few hours, we received over 300 applications aiming at technical as well as business positions. Members of FundingReach family shared with applicants their insights into industry dynamics and career development.

FundingReach was proudly awarded by Cyberport “The most active participation to the live-chat with candidates” for our contribution to the webinars and live talks. We appreciate the opportunity to bring out the best of our company to ambitious youngsters with the aspiration and the capacity to innovate. FundingReach is happy to have talents on board to create infinite possibilities!


Asian Financial Forum 2020 : Outlook on Inclusiveness

Fundingreach has kick-started a new decade with an eventful January. On 13th and 14th, we as a leading Fintech startup that focuses on credit and compliance assessment and monitoring, is proud to bring our innovations to the exhibition hall at the 13th Asian Financial Forum (“AFF”), with the support of Cyberport and Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). The forum brings the most influential financial and business leaders in joint discussion on the theme “Redefining Growth: Innovation. Breakthrough. Inclusiveness”.

Our leading products, AI enhanced engines “iFinGate, iFinHealth and iFinPulse”, have attracted investors and corporate leaders from various industries around the world. The three engines operate in a mutually reinforcing way to form an all-in-one solution to manage the credit and compliance risks smarter for the professional users.

We are looking forward to 2020. FundingReach team would be bringing our innovations to the border communities through expanding the footprints progressively to the vast territory of Asia, especially the belt and road countries. Riding on the beauty of technology, we aspire to make financial service ever more inclusive across the whole industry, and at the same time, across the Asian territory.

FundingReach Team wishes you the best in the coming Lunar New Year!