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Interview and Magazine Report on Recruit


FundingReach CEO William Lam had a special interview with the leading job & recruitment media and shared his insights with graduates on how to stand out from the hiring market. The interview was published on a special issue of Recruit, a well known recruitment magazine in town.


IT Industry Bucking the Trend, FundingReach Welcomes Business Talents

Job recruitment in the IT industry continues to surge in the falling market. Though traditionally defined by technical expertise, recent years have seen the IT industry opening up for business talents. Graduates without IT-relevant educational background can still flex their muscles in the IT industry.

FundingReach is among the leading FinTech enterprises from Cyberport. CEO William Lam pointed out: “Out of the pressure to cut cost in the grim market, companies are gradually turning to automated solutions, which provided us great opportunities. We are in increasingly need to diversify our team.”

“…………… We are in great need of talents to help build up the four panels of our core business: 1. technical talents to lead in the R&D of machine learning and big data 2. Credit talents with a strong skill for data analysis. 3. Sales and Marketing talents to connect with customers 4. Business planners to magnify Greater China Area market penetration and further to the globe……”

William Lam further emphasized that for talents with self-motivation and savvy, IT major is not a necessity to be part of our R&D team. “Compared with large enterprises, startups like FundingReach enjoy the more interactive and inclusive atmosphere. We are more interested in a candidate’s enthusiasm and diligence rather than purely plays on credentials!”

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