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FundingReach joins Egypt Ministers' visit at Cyberport, Showcases RegTech innovation


[Hong Kong, 25 January 2024] – Honored to join the distinguished visit of Egypt Ministers to Cyberport, FundingReach had the privilege of representing the RegTech sector and showcasing innovative solutions that are driving advancements in the financial industry. The event brought together a diverse group of participants, including representatives from the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, Egypt's Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, the FinTech Association Hong Kong, key figures from Cyberport. 


During this distinguished event, we had the pleasure of meeting and hearing from H.E. Dr. Mohamed Maait, the Minister of Finance of Egypt. It was an honor to share our expertise in RegTech with the esteemed guests, demonstrating how we are dedicated to leveraging technology to drive advancements in the industry.  


Commenting on the event, William stated,  

"FundingReach was privileged to represent the RegTech sector. It was an enlightening experience to sit together with the esteemed Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Maait, and discuss the future of financial technology. It's grateful that we founders of start-ups had the opportunity to showcase our AI machine learning AML/KYC model, highlighting the transformative potential of RegTech in driving industry advancements." 

Notably, the event also saw the presence of Ms. Aveline San, a Board Member of the FinTech Association Hong Kong and CEO of Citi, who shared valuable insights from the industry. Additionally, key representatives from Cyberport, including Ir Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer, and Mr. Victor Yim, Head of FinTech, contributed to the enriching discussions. 


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Minister of Finance of Egypt for their visit and support from Cyberport all along for the opportunity to share our insights. We look forward to continued collaboration and exploring ways to contribute to the growth and development of the global RegTech landscape. 



About FundingReach   

FundingReach is a RegTech company pioneer in providing AI-driven credit and compliance solutions for better financial inclusion.  

Our solutions enable its clients to mitigate credit and operational risk through the analysis of historical financial data, monitoring of real time market data and scanning of global KYC databases – all processed with technology-empowered automation.FundingReach is a leading RegTech player in Asia. Founded by a team of seasoned bankers and IT experts, FundingReach transforms traditional risk assessment skills into AI solution to support financial institutions to manage client risks with higher consistency, faster turnaround time and at lower cost. 

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