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Event: Sanctions and Beyond Sanctions, for a Sustainable Franchise Webinar

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Date: 6th October 2020

Getting latest insights on “Sanctions” and “Compliance” areas is always unneglectable and exciting in this regime. We are honoured to co-organise the webiner with Professional Insurance Brokers Association (“PIBA”), led the licensees in town to deep dive on the topic “Sanctions and Beyond Sanctions, for a Sustainable Franchise” on 6th Oct 2020. Over 200+ PIBA members have registered and joined the webinar. Our CEO, William Lam, is glad to host this valuable session and shared the ‘RegTech’ wisdom with the participants. We are looking forward to collaborating with PIBA in coming 2021 and more.

To experience our RegTech solution.

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