Innovation and education go hand-­­in-hand.  Being a caring corporate citizen, FundingReach has just kick-started a 5-day Summer Program with HKU’s Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department for HK’s S4 and above secondary school students on July 4-10 at both HKU Campus and FundingReach’s base at Cyberport.


Mr. Peter Yan, CEO, Cyberport


Dr. CH Ng, Chairman, Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association


Ms. Ivy Au Yeung, CEO, ANZ Hong Kong

Objective of this Summer Program is to inspire the innovation and entrepreneurship of our future leaders with the latest FinTech development through introducing the technical skills such as Machine Learning, Python Programming, and other computing technologies applying to automation in financial analysis.  In order for these young people to better understand the challenges in this automation process and the beauty in its end-product, a full-day session was dedicated to fundamentals of credit assessment and financial analysis conducted by FundingReach’s corporate banking experts.

Such a ‘trendy’ and exciting program has attracted overwhelming response with all 40 seats instantly grabbed once it’s posted for online enrollment.  Participating schools include Christian Alliance International School, Diocesan Boys' School, Heep Yunn School, Island School, Marymount Secondary School, Queen's College, St. Clare's Girls' School, St. Francis Xavier's College, St. Joseph's College, St. Paul's Convent School, St. Paul's Co-educational College, Victoria Shanghai Academy.


Mr. Poon Siu Chi, Principal, St. Paul’s Co-educational College


Mr. William Lam, CEO, FundingReach

“It’s our great honour to be a close partner to HKU-EEE, not just in our Research & Development efforts but also in this highly fulfilling initiative for our future leaders in HK,” said William Lam, founder and CEO of FundingReach.


Mr. Chiu Sin Hang, Assistant Principal, Queen’s College

“We are very excited and pleased with such overwhelming responses from students of many prestigious schools.  The feedback we received from the participants is so encouraging that we just can’t wait to have our next Summer Program with FundingReach in 2020,” commented by Professor Edmund Lam, Associate Dean of Engineering, EEE, HKU.


Professor Edmund Lam, Associate Dean of Engineering, EEE, HKU