Our Story

FundingReach is a leading FinTech platform which focuses on providing Risk Mitigation Solutions, from analysis of financial reports, monitoring of real-time market data, to protection of future credit risks.

We combine Traditional Credit Skills and cutting edge Technologies, for the purpose of increasing your Business Visibility and hence making Smarter Business Decisions.

We provide an All-in-One Risk Mitigation Solution that you have never experienced before, and it is a smart, safe and easy-to-use tool to keep your business stay ahead of your competitors.

Our Vision

FundingReach is committed to increasing business insight and visibility through providing the best Risk Mitigation Solution to Corporates and Financial Institutions through innovations, technologies and financial knowledge.

Our Mission

We provide the most in-depth Automated Financial Assessment.

We provide the best 7×24 AI Monitoring of Market Data.

We provide affordable solutions for Corporates and Financial Institutions to make Smarter Business Decisions.

Our Value

We are defined by 3 core values, Excellence, Respect and Innovative.

Excellence is what we drive for.We believe ‘excellence’ would bring us reaching you closer, and serve your needs better. We strive to become more relevant to our customers through our commitment on excellence.

Respect leads us move forward. We listen and respect you, our customers, business partners and staffs which allow us to create an efficient but harmonised environment. We believe, respect is a way to success.

Innovation is our backbone. We take traditional Credit Assessment, Monitoring, and Funding Solutions to the next level through bringing innovations which matters you.