18 Mar 2019

We are glad to have the Master and Undergraduate students from the Faculty of Engineering, The University of Hong Kong to visit us, under the leadership of Ir Dr. Wilton Fok and Dr. Yuen. It is excited to know that the students have strong aspirations in contributing to the success of Hong Kong as a major Fintech hub.

After the briefing from Cyberport, FundingReach’s CEO William Lam brought up the exponential potentials of Fintech and illustrated with cases around the globe. Mr. WK Yip, CTO of FundingReach highlighted how AI and other technologies can help in developing our proprietary innovations, iFinHealth and iFinPulse. 

Fion Lai, Head of Client Excellence and Lolita Yew, Director Credit Analytics of FundingReach Group shared their experiences on how to master ‘Client Excellence’ in Fintech world and inspired the students in preparing the way for their future success.

We are pleased to have the chance to arouse the awareness of innovation, creativity and flourish opportunities in the Fintech world.

To experience our AI Credit System “iFinHealth”: www.ifinhealth.com