FundingReach is greatly honoured to be introduced to a 6-executive delegation of the East Asia Department of Asian Development Bank (“ADB”) on Sep 11, 2019 jointly arranged by HKSAR Financial Services Branch and Cyberport’s Entrepreneurship Team.  Besides briefing ADB of our Group’s profile, business model, and product development milestones and road-map, a discussion of one of our visions of enhancing quality lending to SMEs through process automation was especially of interest to ADB which has been a long-established, prominent, and influential social development organization dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific.  A major conduit for ADB to achieving poverty eradication in the region is through loans and grants to the micro, small, and medium enterprises especially in the Asian developing countries.  Our integrated product proposition of AI and machine learning well trained by solid financial and technology experts had laid down a very promising lead of future cooperation between ADB and FundingReach.